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Bill has sold these cards to European and North American transportation museums for several decades. These postcards are available to interested museums. Simply click on a thumbnail to view the cards in either the North American, European or Train galleries. To order cards please record the CTP or MTC number found in the description of the image and contact Bill.

All postcards sold to North American customers are 30 cents each US, shipping included. For customers outside North America, please contact us as rates vary. We accept checks, bank and postal money orders – but not PayPal, as we are not yet setup. Turnaround time, once payment is received, is approximately two days.

Please send payment to:

MacDonald Media Productions, P.O. Box 8737, Victoria, BC  Canada, V8W3S3

Right now there is a special promotion on for all train cards – 15 cents each US including shipping – while stocks last.

As a point of interest, in 2015, Bill was commissioned by Seattle Metro Transit to produce 5 postcards for a promotion they were doing that year. Seattle Metro had just received new trolleybuses and to celebrate that public event, a total of 5000 cards were produced.  Read More on the About Page.

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