Bill MacDonald
Bill MacDonald

Bill MacDonald is a producer/distributor for transportation postcards consisting primarily of buses, trolleybuses, streetcars, light rail and historic transit equipment.

He started producing transportation postcards in the early 1980s. Being a bit of a perfectionist with higher standards, he didn’t settle for mediocre cards so went to Australia, where they had the best quality at the time. All the cards now are 4×6, produced on 16-point high quality cardstock with high resolution images, manufactured in North America. We may now be the largest producer of custom transportation postcards.

Bill has sold these cards to European and North American transportation museums for several decades. These postcards are available to interested museums, with all the cards that are presently available for purchase (284) displayed on this website. Approximately half a dozen images are added to the inventory each year.

As a point of interest, in 2015, Bill was commissioned by Seattle Metro Transit to produce 5 postcards for a promotion they were doing that year. Seattle Metro had just received new trolleybuses and to celebrate that public event, a total of 5000 cards were produced.

Go to: transitcollectables.com and simply click on a thumbnail to view the cards in either the North American or European galleries.  The cost of cards is in US dollars and varies from country to country. The cost includes free shipping. Turn around time upon receipt of payment is generally the following day. Business checks and money orders are acceptable. Terms, if needed, may be offered. Contact me for more information.

Bill looks forward to hearing from you and is open to any suggestions or comments you may have.